B R A N D - Beautifully handmade contemporary classic

Tammi brand stands for fine quality natural materials, the beauty of handmaking and comtemporary but classic Scandinavian design. The art and talent of handmaking is the most precious thing for us when implementing the design of luxurious pieces of jewellery. Well maintained they also last from one generation to the next. All Tammi jewels are little pieces of art designed and created by hand.

Tammi Jewellery has been in the markets for over 60 years , founded by a goldsmith Alpo Tammi in 1954. Tammi, the oak tree, lives in time, but has deep roots in traditional handmaking methods and professional skills. Every piece of jewellery has a mark of a person behind its creation and it has been made with strong interest in detail and fine quality finishing.

Tammi is a beautifully handcrafted classic.



More than 60 years of beauty has been presented by Tammi. To cherish the amazing heritage of handcraftmanship Tammi is also today a design orientated brand.

The first showcases of the jewellery, little damaged by the course of time, are beautifully set in display in the Tammi Studio, to cherish the heritage.

Tammi, the oak tree, is the perfect name for  the brand, which has deep roots but which is growing in dignity and living a contemporary life. Fine quality, classical look, beauty and tradition are well established since 1954.



Since the early dates of the Tammi brand, the unique Nordic nature was the biggest source of inspiration to the designers. Tammi was recognised from the abstract surfaces in its collections reflecting the real ones in nature. Water, rocks, snow and light played a big role in realisation of the style.

Today, Tammi is still inspired by the amazing nature, but also by anything surrounding. The sense of beauty is a vital concept for the Tammi brand from inspiration to design, from handmaking to the special moment of receiving a Tammi Jewellery gift in a beautiful package.



Tammi celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2014 and in order to highlight the big year the brand represented a unique collection especially designed for this milestone, The ORKIDEA collection. The Anniversary of the 1954 established tradition of Tammi has made the brand literally blooming!

The Orkidea collection has been inspired by the queen of all flowers, the beautiful orchid, designed and handcrafted with attention to detail and high quality.  Special editions and pieces of jewellery with bespoke details and features make the collection a great compliment to the brands Anniversary.

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Tammi has been highly valued nationally and internationally with the acknowledgements like the Goldsmith of the Year in Finland for Alpo Tammi. The skillful designers have always been the core competence of the brand since the beginning.

Today Tammi Jewellery is following the same vision in creating pieces of jewellery that are respected internationally in regards of design, quality and uniqueness. The brand will grow and evolve in dignity like the noble oak tree, it is a lifestyle for the people working with the brand.



Celebration of the brand established in 1954 was an ode to the vision of Tammi to cherish the beauty and talent of handcraftmanship.

The treasure of thousands of pieces designed along the years, Tammi earns to celebrate its vision and determination in its field of design.

The Orkidea and many other collections are symbolising the design heritage and are a big part of the celebrations bringing joy to the people who are wearing them.

We hope for the people who receive a piece of Tammi Jewellery enjoy wearing something unique!